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There are flights of stairs (or what floor)   
check here if there is an elevator

and the movers can park within of the front door.


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this location is a:

and the subdivision/complex name is .

There are flights of stairs (or what floor)   
check here if there is an elevator

and the movers can park within of the front door.

Please include inside and outside flights - flights with a turn or more than 15 steps count as 2 flights - 100 feet = 35 paces or about 6 car lengths 

Check here if your move will have an extra pick-up or drop-off location.

Check here if you have storage needs.

Check here if you need packing or crating.

Move Inventory

Just fill out the list below with the total number of each item.  You are not limited to just numbers.  Please feel free to include any short note and/or description.

Living Room/Den

Recliner Sofa
Sleeper Sofa
Sofa/Loveseat (Regular)
Piece Sectional Sofa (each piece)
Futon & Frame
Medium/Large Chairs
Coffee/ End Tables (glass tops?)
Sofa Table (glass tops?)
Entertainment Center (pieces)
Grandfather Clock
Small Bookcase (waist high)
Medium/Regular Bookcase
Large Bookcase (6-7 feet tall)
TV/Stereo Stand
TV (under 25" Screen)
TV (25" - 27" Screen)
TV (32" Screen)
TV (35" - 56" Screen)
TV (60" - 70" Screen)
VCR or Stereo Component (Pieces)
Console TV/Stereo (floor model)
Dining Rooms/Kitchen
Dining Table
Lg. Dining Chairs
Dinette/Breakfast Table
Small Chairs
Pantry Cabinet (usually in kitchen)
China Cabinet (glass shelves?)
Glass Shelves
Buffet or Server
Curio/Étagère (glass shelves)
Baker's Rack
Microwave/ Cart
Washer/Dryer (have disconnected)
Ironing Board/Vacuum
Bridge Bed (2-cab, light bridge, mirrors)
King Bed or Waterbed
Large Headboard
Queen, Full, or Twin Bed
Headboard (1-man can carry)
Day  Bed/Trundle Bed
Bunk Bed
Toddler Bed
Platform/Poster Bed
Crib or Cradle
Dresser/Chest of Drawers
Medium/Large Mirror
Small Mirror
Cedar Chest
Sewing Machine
Changing Table
Feet of Clothes (per foot on rod)
Jewelry Chest
Suit Cases
Office Desk Pieces (List Total Pieces)
Computer Desk pieces
Executive Desk (large desk)
Secretary Desk (Tall cabinet pull-out desk)
Sm. Desk Pieces (Student/Writing Desk)
Credenza Pieces
Office Chair
Storage Cabinet
2-3 Drawer File Cabinet (vertical)
4-5 Drawer File Cabinet (vertical)
2-3 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet
4-5 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet
Computer Pieces (# of Components)
Printer Stand
Room Divider
Lb. Safe (List maximum weight)
Small Bookcase (Waist High)
Medium/Regular Bookcase
Large Bookcase (6-7 Feet Tall)
Folding Table
Folding Chairs
Outside Furniture/Garage/Patio
Patio/Picnic Table
Lg. Picnic Table (benches hooked on)
Lawn Tractor (riding mower)
Lawn/Patio Chair
Grill/Smoker (must remove propane tank)
Tool Chest Pieces
Work Bench
Utility/Metal Shelf
Garbage Can
Wheel Barrow
Boxes & Miscellaneous
Small Boxes/Bags (can carry 3-4 at a time)
Medium/Regular Boxes (2 per carry)
Large Boxes (1 per carry)
Small Glass Tops (end table or night stand)
Medium/Large Glass Tops (coffee, dinette, sofa table, etc.)
Jumbo Glass Tops (Dining Room Tables)
Toy chest
Gallon Aquarium (Total # of gallons)
Aquarium Stand
Lamps (We move as is and do not insure)
Pictures (We move as is and do not insure)
Lb. Marble Top (list total weight)
Upright Piano (chest/shoulder high)
Spinet Piano (waist high or so)
Baby Grand Piano
Piano Bench
Medium/Large Plants
Area Rugs
Medium/Large Rugs
Exercise Equipment (weight benches, Exercise Bike, Stair Stepper, etc.)
Lbs. of Weights (total weight)
<-- Put any un-listed items in the spaces provided here

For lowest price have all items disassembled & disconnected!

Comments: If you have specialty items or any types of furniture pieces that would be unusually large, heavy, or valuable in nature please list them here; as well as other items not included in the above list.

Hoisting items in or out of windows/balconies is an extra service not included in the standard pricing so you'll need to let us know if your move will require this service.

Please let us know if you want the movers to disassemble and/or reassemble any of the items listed. Also please note any other needs and/or concerns that you may have.

Please enter any special notes or needs here...

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